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I’m the full package ladies: swag, style, and substance. What I lack in opposable thumbs, I make up for in quintessential wit. I’m just your average alpha male. I live in the suburbs with my adopted parents. While they are away at work, I fill my day reading, reviewing films, writing stories, and answering fan mail. I’ve created this blog to share my brilliance with the rest of the world. Feel free to share your own ideas in the comments below. I always welcome a different perspective even if we don’t agree. However, I do insist on a few ground rules. Please read any and all fine print below before posting on my site. There are just a few rules: 1. Let’s keep it civil when it comes to sharing thoughts and ideas. We don’t all have to agree but hey let’s keep it light. No name-calling, cussing, performing unforgivable curses, spitting, biting, inciting riots, overthrowing the bourgeoisie, etc. That is to say, you can do it. Just keep it off of my blog, please. After all, aren’t we all domesticated here? 2. No cats. Can we email you? I try my best to answer fan mail in a timely manner but seeing as I don’t have fingers, sometimes it does take longer. Just don’t be creepy. Um…You’re a bunny… Yes, yes I am. How astute of you.

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